Rescue Techniques

New Brunswick Ground Search and Rescue Association Inc. requires that each of the teams ensures that each member has obtained First Aid/ CPR training on their own and Basic Searcher I through the team. This combination of training prepares each volunteer for searching in the forest and assisting located subjects.

Each of the member teams hold additional training on a schedule determined by the team. Most teams hold training sessions that increase members’ ability to navigate and work in the forest safely. Some teams also conduct additional training that helps them to properly and safely: use ATVs in searches; use dogs in searches; use canoes and boats in inland water searches; conduct backcountry searches; and conduct high and low angle rope rescues and recoveries.

Rescue Techniques

NBGSARA member teams have been increasingly participating in non-traditional roles. This includes evidence searches for the RCMP and work for the Department of Public Safety and for municipalities. During regional disasters and emergencies (i.e. flooding) SAR volunteers can be called upon to direct traffic and help to evacuate and warn local residents in urban and rural regions.

To learn more about the types of training a particular team conducts and the rescue techniques they utilize, please refer to that team’s webpage for more information or to contact them directly.